Mississippi and Minnesota are the two remaining states in the United States that don’t offer a true “no-fault” divorce law, making it possible for one spouse to drag a divorce on for a long time; even in situations that are  abusive or dangerous. In October, the Mississippi Coalition Against Domestic Violence filed a brief in a Mississippi Supreme Court case that is looking to determine whether Mississippi’s lack of a true “no-fault” statute is unconstitutional.

“When you consider the way an individual can manipulate the system to draw divorces out endlessly, everyone is getting played,” attorney Brandon Jones, vice president of MCADV, to the Sun-Herald. “The courts are getting played, the lawyers are getting played, all the individuals are getting played, except for the person who has some demented reason for stretching out the process for their own selfish purposes.”

Tu Sun-Herald quotes the brief as saying: “This honorable court should look at the Mississippi divorce statute through her eyes, the eyes of every domestic violence victim, including the children … the current Mississippi divorce statute traps domestic violence victims in marriages with their abusers, then mandates the victim to obtain the consent of their abuser.”

More info here: http://www.sunherald.com/news/article179789561.html