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Baria-Jones, PLLC attorney Brandon Jones arguing a case before the Supreme Court

Let Us Be Your Champion

There is a good chance you came to this web site seeking legal help for yourself, your business or someone you care about.

Most Americans seek only the opportunity to succeed, to pursue the good life and happiness. When a wrongdoer shuts the door on that opportunity, often the stakes could not be higher: the survival of your business, your career, your health, your reputation, the value of your property, your ability to take care of yourself and your family and possibly whether you are doomed to live the life of a victim or will have the chance to succeed and thrive.

When trouble like that strikes, you need a champion, an advisor, and a protector—someone you can count on to stand in the way of the wrongdoer and to stand up for what’s good. That may be us.  We are not afraid to take the tough, make-or-break cases, where everything seems to be riding on the result.

We represent entrepreneurs, main street businesses, property owners, crime victims and individuals who have been seriously injured or killed. We believe you are entitled not only to your day in court but also to the same quality of legal representation that large international corporations, insurance companies, the federal government and Fortune 500 CEOs enjoy.  When you hire us, we level the playing field for you.

We don’t accept every case. In fact, we turn down far more cases than we accept. We excel in certain practice areas. And there are some types of cases and legal problems we don’t usually handle, unless the need to do so is part of the resolution of a dispute or part of our initiative to protect women and kids.

We want to use our skills to “make things right,” not file frivolous lawsuits. We do not represent clients who make up or exaggerate their injuries and damages or who refuse to embrace personal responsibility. But if you are an honest person, with honest injuries, we are here to help you.

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