Our Promise to You

ms law firmCore Principles of our MS Law Firm

We believe in better. We are always seeking a better approach, a better answer to whatever challenge you are wrestling with. Good is not good enough. We embrace exceptionalism—exceptional work, exceptional service, exceptional people and exceptional and uncompromising integrity as we work for you.

Consistent with these principles, we make the following commitments to you:



  • At all times, we will represent you with uncompromising integrity.
  • We fully embrace the roles of “champion, advisor, protector” – we want you to sleep better at night because you know we are working on your behalf.
  • We will make it a point to listen and learn about you, your business & career and your concerns so we can better understand and serve your interests.
  • We will relentlessly pursue your goals and seek common sense, real-world, practical ways to achieve them
  • The benchmark for our success will be your success in achieving your goals.
  • We will champion without apology your legal rights—just and fair financial compensation for wrongs, the rejection of false accusations and compelling those that do wrong, to do right.
  • We believe you know best what’s right for you, your family and your business/career.
  • We educate and advise…but you decide. We help you define your legal goals and expectations by providing unbiased and practical legal advice in ‘plain English,” not legalese.
  • We will approach your case as if trial is certain. While most of our cases settle in the end, we proceed from the onset focusing on what needs to be done to persuade a jury, judge or arbitrator to find in your favor. Our experience is the best settlements come when our adversaries know we are unafraid to take the case all the way. Consequently, in making case management decisions about the best use of our time and our client’s time and resources, the key question is—will this help us persuade the judge, jury or arbitrators?
  • When practical, we will investigate your case and develop a comprehensive outline of your case story and damages before suit is filed, or as soon as practical, rather than hoping to learn the truth primarily through litigation discovery.
  • When practical, we will conduct one or more jury research focus groups to help us and you understand the questions a juror may have and what information they need to fully understand your position and case.
  • We will use a team approach. The team members will collaborate in case planning but to assure efficiency and avoid duplication, each member of the team will have specialized case roles.
  • Our relationship with adversary counsel will be characterized by courtesy and uncompromising integrity; we will insist on the same from them.
  • As soon as is practicable we will seek agreement with opposing counsel on discovery stipulations and protocols and a case schedule. Failing that, we will seek a court order.
  • We will expedite the prosecution of your claims. Ordinarily, we will not ask for time extensions.
  • We will spend whatever time is required to help you and our other witnesses testify confidently, effectively and truthfully.

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