Practice Areas

Our team of attorneys at Baria-Jones is experienced in a wide variety of legal practice areas. Click each heading below to learn more about our background in and approach to various practice areas:


We represent owners, investors, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and surety companies in complex construction claims. We handle matters of all sizes from small mechanic’s lien cases to multi-million dollar construction claims in State and Federal courts, before the American Arbitration Association, other private dispute resolution organizations, licensing agencies, and government contract administrative tribunals. Let us bring the power of Federal court experience to work for you. Click here to learn more about how Baria-Jones can help with your construction law case.


Baria-Jones is also ready to go to bat for you when you need a champion. Business and commercial litigation is at the heart of what we do—high stakes disputes in which the survival of a business is often on the line. Baria-Jones can provide consistent, specialized legal counsel as you negotiate contracts, build relationships, and make the big decisions that will affect your company’s future. Click here to learn more about how Baria-Jones can help with your business law case.

Bad Faith Insurance

As bad faith insurance lawyers, Baria-Jones exclusively represents policy holders like you—never insurance companies. We have recovered millions of dollars for policyholders in bad faith claims against some of the largest insurance companies in America. Insurance companies hire teams of attorneys to fight for them, so you need experienced bad faith insurance lawyers on your side. Click here to learn more about how Baria-Jones can help with your bad faith insurance case.

Personal Injury

The team at Baria-Jones is committed to using the legal system to restore personal responsibility as a core American value. Our law firm has a track record of success in holding rule-breakers accountable for causing serious injury or wrongful death. We have the experience and the resources to provide the legal advice you need. And we’re willing to fight for you in the tough cases, the make-or-break cases, where everything is riding on the result. Click here to learn more about how Baria-Jones can help with your personal injury case.

Civil Rights & Abuse

Civil Rights violations can take many forms, and often victims of such abuse do not even realize they have the legal right to protect themselves. If you or a loved one is being subjected to domestic violence, elder abuse, sexual harassment, or sexual assault you may feel uncertain, afraid, or embarrassed. You may be suffering in silence, thinking that nothing can be done. You may even feel unsafe and worried about repercussions if you come forward. This is not your fault. As your civil rights lawyer, Baria-Jones can help. We are committed to your safety, and our knowledge and experience ensures we know what steps are necessary to protect you at all times. Click here to learn more about how Baria-Jones can help with your civil rights or abuse case.