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bad faith insurance lawyersWhen a hurricane or tornado destroys your home, when you are sued or your business is interrupted, when a loved one becomes ill and requires long term care, you count on your insurance company to be there. So what do you do when they’re not?

When your insurance company fails to live up to the terms of its policy, this can be “bad faith.” To defend your rights and force your insurance company to comply with its policy, you need the assistance of experienced bad faith insurance attorneys to provide legal advice and level the playing field for you.

Baria-Jones can help. As bad faith insurance lawyers, we exclusively represent policy holders like you—never insurance companies. We have recovered millions of dollars for policyholders in bad faith claims against some of the largest insurance companies in America. Insurance companies hire teams of attorneys to fight for them, so you need experienced bad faith insurance lawyers on your side.

Bad Faith Insurance Claims: Know Your Rights

Under Mississippi law, your insurance company is required to honor its policy. The company must comply with rules that govern the evaluation of your claim, and the company must treat your interests with equal regard to its own.

If the policy can be read two ways, and one of those ways provides coverage, then it may not deny coverage. The claims adjuster must assist you with your claim, conduct a thorough investigation, consider the facts that support your claim, retain unbiased experts and act promptly. Payment of undisputed amounts under one part of the party cannot be withheld because there are disputes over amounts due under other parts of the policy. The company should promptly pay the claim unless it has a good, non-speculative reason not to.

If it’s a policy protecting you or your business from liability, the insurance company must pay a lawyer to defend you. If the company wants to reserve its right to argue later that some or all of the claims against you are not covered, it must let you select the lawyer: you do not have to accept defense from a stranger. If you are being sued for more than the amount of your insurance coverage, the insurer often has an obligation to try to protect you by settling the case within the policy limits.

If your insurance company is acting in bad faith and violating the requirements laid out by Mississippi insurance law, Baria-Jones can help. You can contact us through this web site or by phone to discuss your case at NO CHARGE.

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