Business Litigation

Legal Advice for Business Disputes

business litigation attorneyOver 45 million Americans like you work in businesses they own. Every year Americans start 600,000 new businesses. Most new jobs are created by businesses less than five years old. As Frank Luntz said, “It is the story of America—to start with nothing and build a success, to have a brilliant idea and bring it to life.” But for business owners with little legal experience, business law can seem intimidating and confusing. Let us provide the legal advice you need. Baria-Jones, like you, is an independently owned business. We understand your needs, and we’re here to help you defend and protect your work.

Building a strong relationship with an attorney specializing in business law is one of the most critical aspects for success in any new business venture. Having a good lawyer on your side from day one can help prevent costly and stressful litigation. Baria-Jones can provide consistent, specialized legal counsel as you negotiate contracts, build relationships, and make the big decisions that will affect your company’s future.


Hard-Hitting Attorneys to Fight For You

Baria-Jones is also ready to go to bat for you when you need a champion. Business and commercial litigation is at the heart of what we do—high stakes disputes in which the survival of a business is often on the line. Fortune 500 companies and their CEOs hire firms with hundreds of lawyers to represent them. As a small business, you may feel the deck is stacked against you. But we bring the power of corporate law to fight for you—the investors, entrepreneurs and Main Street, privately owned businesses who make the United States and our free enterprise system the envy of the world.

Whether you’re looking for legal advice on day-to-day operations, specialized counsel for a new business contract, or hard-hitting attorneys to fight for you in court, Baria-Jones is here for you. You can contact us through this web site or by phone to discuss your case at NO CHARGE.

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