Legal Advice for Construction Disputes

MS construction lawyersYou want your construction work or project to be done correctly, on time and within budget. For that to happen, everyone in the construction process must do his/her job honestly and in good faith. If anyone fails to do so, a messy dispute is going to occur. Baria-Jones Attorneys at Law can help you make things right.

Choosing to hire an attorney early on can actually help prevent any disputes from escalating to litigation. A good lawyer will use negotiation or mediation to help you come up with a fair and balanced solution, saving everyone time and money. In some cases, however, a fight cannot be avoided. Our only job as your attorney is to achieve your goals, and our sole focus is persuading the jury, judge or arbiter to find in your favor.

You can contact us through this web site or by phone to discuss your case at NO CHARGE. Remember, the earlier you ask for help, the greater the likelihood you can avoid stressful litigation.

We excel at successfully resolving construction disputes through litigation, arbitration, mediation, and negotiation, in state or federal court.

A Lawyer that Fights for You

We represent owners, investors, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and surety companies in complex construction claims. We handle matters of all sizes from small mechanic’s lien cases to multi-million dollar construction claims in State and Federal courts, before the American Arbitration Association, other private dispute resolution organizations, licensing agencies, and government contract administrative tribunals. Let us bring the power of Federal court experience to work for you.

The keys to our success in these cases involves:

  1. Developing a common sense case strategy focused on achieving your goals
  2. The ability to understand complex technical construction issues and boil them down to a straightforward story readily understood by judges, jurors or arbitrators
  3. The project management skills to efficiently deal with thousands of documents and sometimes dozens of witnesses, and
  4. The selection of the best construction experts to advise and support your case.


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